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 We all remember, or almost, the first time that we discover the joys of a camera. For my part, I was very small and I had fun with my father's film Nikon F2 camera. This is where I understood the power of a photo and that time no longer matters when we hold a camera in our hands.

I discovered my passion for the art of image as a child and it was at the very beginning of my twenties, under the Hawaiian sun, that I had my first chance to set foot in the world of professional photography by working as an assistant-photographer. Since then, I haven't stopped stealing the moments that were offered to me.

Very quickly, I climbed the ladder and I went from the assistant to the photographer who began hiring assistants! After a lot of hard work and learning, I finally worked full time in photography and editing on this paradise island.

During my time in the United States, I had the chance to perfect my technique and my photographic signature, as well as to take part in other artistic projects. Besides photography, I also did a lot of visual arts with mixed media. Among other things, my paintings have been exhibited on the walls of Na Pua Gallery in Wailea. I also had the honor of being published in the 12th edition of CRE8MAG magazine which reveals different artists on the islands.

Since I have set roots to Montreal, I have been immersed in the world of photography and I have been working very hard to develop a client base here. All that said, I would be very happy to be YOUR photographer!


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